Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Huge Purchase Day!

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. I have had a couple people ask when I am going to post pictures. That might have to wait a couple of more weeks until I get all of my own things set up and am using my own computer. Even when I am in Seattle I am using my Mom's computer these days.

I had three primary goals for this trip and I accomplished all three today:
1) This morning I purchased a vehicle, the GM that I mentioned last night. Cars and trucks are much less expensive down here so I got a little more bang for my Western Washington dollars.

2) I bought a new cell phone and now have an Oklahoma City phone number (not going to post it here). Special thanks to Keeney's, Lisa (owner) and Steven (General Manager) for allowing me to use my old work phone this week while I took care of this.

3) I found a place to live.

Was about to rent a house in Edmond which is about 15 miles north of downtown but at the last second decided to check out some apartments. The last building I looked at was a gated complex in the Quail Springs area which is in North Oklahoma City, about 11 miles from downtown. For the same price as the house I was able to get a nicer place in a much better area. There are over 300 units in the complex and they offer some nice amenities so I jumped on it. Originally wanted a 3 bedroom but this is a 2 bedroom with plenty of closet space. Quail Springs is where everyone goes when they need just about anything. There is a large Quail Springs Mall along the stretch of road that I will be moving to and strip malls everywhere. Just about every chain of restaurants, clothing, banks, etc is within two miles. Very convenient. My move in date is October 13th. According to my Garmin GPS device, I have 3 Sonic drive ins within 1.8 miles of the complex. Sonic is based out of OKC (how fitting with that particular name) so they are EVERYWHERE. I've been to 3 different Sonic locations and have to say they are tasty.

Vegetarians might not want to read the next part. Went over to the Cattleman's restaurant tonight to have dinner with 9 other co-workers. Cattleman's is located in the Stockyards which is about 5 miles outside of downtown. I believe it is the largest stockyard in America and Cattleman's is a famous steak joint right on the main drag. It isn't a fancy place like some of the Steakhouses that Seattle people are used to (usually my idea of fine dining is Red Robin so I'm not able to compare it to Ruth's Chris or some of the other places back home)but they are known for their excellent steaks and we all left full and happy.

Catching a plane back to Seattle tomorrow morning. The highlight of the trip will probably be the 3.5 hour lay over in Denver. Get home tomorrow night and then I am heading to Phoenix on Friday morning for 3 days. Still need to catch up on all of my e-mails. I will get there eventually.

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ckgwoof said...

Well Mr. Willits it seems that you are settling in nicely to your new environment. Many big choices made yesterday, congratulations!