Sunday, October 26, 2008

6:45 AM Rude Neighbors and Overflowing Toilets

I finally found a few minutes to send out a new post. Still keeping busy as Thursday and Friday were heavy interview days. Been bringing people in from all over the area. Most of the interviews have been college students attending University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University or Oklahoma City University and some are from other walks of life. Have interviewed a lot of great individuals and making decisions will be tough.

Yesterday morning got off to a rough start but ended up having a great day. The vent in my apartment was making strange sounds at 6:00 am which woke me up but I was able to blow that off and get back to sleep. At 6:45 one of my neighbors decided it was time to vacuum and they have a dog that barks the entire time that the vacuum is running. This was my first good chance in a while to get a good night sleep and it didn't happen. I worked at the office until around 11:30 the night before and really was looking forward to sleeping in. Then out of the TMI file, I went to use the bathroom, flushed the tiolet and as I started to wash my hands I noticed that I never heard the flush, suddenly I realized that I had apparently put too much toilet paper in and the toilet overflowed all over the floor (side note: it was clean water but still made a mess). For the record, I didn't use that much TP, I just realized that my toilet is more sensitive than most. I've now made a mental note of it but it certainly didn't help me as I was cleaning the floor and running to Walmart at 8am to purchase a plunger.

Later ran downtown to do some couch and furniture shopping with Mom as she is much better at picking out that sort of stuff than I am. Spent a few hours doing that and then went out a grabbed a bite to eat. Getting dinner at 7:30 on Saturdays in downtown OKC can be kind of tough unless you are willing to wait a while. We drove over to Cattlemen's Steakhouse and the line was out the door. My Mom mentioned that she wouldn't mind seeing Tobey Keith's I love this Bar so we went in there and found that they had a 90 minute wait. Finally went to "Coach's" which is a bar/restaurant located at the baseball stadium (windows look into the ballpark) but after being seated at our table for 15 minutes no one came by to serve us so we decided to leave and check Cattlemen's out again. By now it was 9:00 and the wait wasn't so bad so we ended up having our steak dinner afterall.

Just wrapping up some Sunday interviews right now while my Mom is checking out Penn Square which is one of our main malls. Going to pick her up shortly and then we are heading up north to check out Tulsa.

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