Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Interviews and Mom's Arrival

Good Evening, or should I say "Good Morning". It is almost 1 AM on Friday morning and I am sitting at my desk at the Thunder office. The last two days have been crazy.

Yesterday (or I guess I should now say "Wednesday") was moving day. Drove down to a freight company at 8:30 that morning and met the two guys from the moving company that were helping me with my move. Met them at the trailer that made its way across the country with all of my belongings and loaded everthing into the back of their moving truck. Then transported it to my apartment where we made numerous trips up and down the stairs into my place (I live on the 2nd Floor, no pun intended for those of you that like bad 80s pop songs). Finished with them at 12:45 and then an hour later my guest bed was delivered and just in time as my Mom arrived that night. Worked on moving boxes around the apartment and did laundry up until 4:30 and then it was off to the office to conduct interviews and get other work done. Stayed at the office until 9:00 that night and then headed to the airport to pick up my Mom.

Today my Mom and I worked at unloading items from boxes this morning and then it was off to the office for me to get more work done. I actually set up interviews with 12 different students at Oklahoma City University today and spent almost 4 hours on their campus doing that. Then headed back to the office and worked until around 8:00. Headed home and picked up my Mom so that we could go grab some dinner and then headed over to Wal Mart to do some shopping. I have the World's Greatest Mom. She stayed at my place all day and unloaded boxes and gave the apartment an thorough cleaning. She's the best!!

Dropped her back off at the apartment at 11:00 and then headed back into the office as I am still scheduling more interviews. Today (or yesterday) the University of Oklahoma's Career Services Department forwarded an e-mail to the majority of the students and already I have received over 30 applicants in just the last few hours. Hiring 40-45 people in a week is keeping me busy.

Now I am getting ready to make the 20 minute drive home to get some rest. Will be interviewing people tomorrow from 2:30-8:30 and then plan on grabbing dinner with Mom. We will hopefully do something exciting in the morning and possibly in the evening but definitely will try to check things out over the weekend (when I'm not conducting more interviews).

Crazy times but I am really enjoying it. Hope everyone is doing well.


GW said...

Nothing like having good ol' mom when one needs some help. Met your Dad when I picked up the Husky tix. We had a good chat about the Huskies current state of being. Glad to see your out exploring the area. Always something fun to see and learn about in any area of the country.

stevewillits said...

Hi GW,

How about the Dawgs!! I recorded the Notre Dame game last night but decided not to watch it after seeing the stats. Can it get any worse?