Monday, October 20, 2008

Open Practice and Power Outage

9 days until Opening Night. Things were kind of crazy around here today as my department was busy getting ready for tonight's Open Practice. I still don't have a place to work in the office and waiting for them to set up my e-mail. Am told that all of that should be completed by tomorrow so I'm hoping to get rolling on the hiring.

Left my apartment for a little while today and when I came home I discovered that my electricity had been shut off. I was supposed to make my initial payment by today so my plan was to stop by and pay it on my way into work this afternoon. Somehow they got a little confused and shut it off a day early. When I called into Customer Service they initially told me it would be back on by noon tomorrow. When I politely asked why it would take so long the guy told me it was because I was late in paying my bill. I informed him that I was told to pay by today and as soon as I said that he noticed it in his computer as well and started apologizing like crazy. Said he was going to make sure that the folks out in the field had it on by 5pm. I haven't been back to my apartment since as I am at the Thunder offices right now so I'm hoping that I have power when I get back.

Found out today that my moving trailer finally arrived in OKC. Called a moving company and it looks like we are going to set up a moving time for Wednesday. They were supposed to call me back late this afternoon to confirm a moving time but the call never came. Hopefully we will talk in the morning and I will have my belongings in the next 48 hours.

Open practice went fairly well tonight. Had about 2,000 fans show up to watch the team practice and then scrimmage for a bit. Easy on my end as I probably did a total of 45 minutes of
work. Came back to the office to get on the computer and here I am. Getting ready to head home in a few minutes (about a 20 minute drive) as I have a 9:00 meeting in the morning and then am helping with a big season ticket presentation tomorrow.

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