Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Ready for the Season and Mom

Another crazy day in OKC. Started talking to a few of the colleges in town and made some good contacts for getting a crew together for opening night. Oklahoma City University is right down the street and one of their folks sent out an e-mail to the entire student body and I have already received a nice handful of applicants from them as well as a few others. Probably going to be on their campus on Thursday to conduct interviews.

Found out today that the moving company is going to send two guys and a truck over tomorrow early in the morning to help me move all of my belongings. Hoping to have most of that done by noon or so and then my bed is being delivered between 1:30-330. Have a couple of interviews I am conducting tomorrow evening and then my Mom flys in tomorrow night. Busy day tomorrow.

Went out and assisted with an event today in which Kevin Durant and Damian Wilkins showed up and along with two members of our upper management, presented courtside season tickets to a local bank that is owned by one of the main owners of the Thunder. My job was to arrive at the location before the "talent" so that everything was ready to go once they arrived. It was a very short event but it was nice to get out to a different part of town and take in the response that the team is getting out in the community.

Heading home right now to get a bite to eat and then get ready for tomorrow. Still need to get a few things at the store so that the fridge and cupboards are not completely bare when my Mom shows up.

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