Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Full Day in OKC

First off, I have received many nice e-mails over the last couple of days and I will respond to everyone. This trip is kind of hectic so please don't feel as though I am being rude.

A long day of checking out OKC. It is not easy to get a rental car in downtown Oklahoma City. Thought I found a couple of locations on the internet so I walked to them and found nothing. Went to another web-site and found that there was a lot a couple of miles from where I was staying so I walked there and rented a nice Pontiac G6.

My Mom gave me a Garmin as an early birthday present as she figured I could use it. WHAT A GREAT GIFT. I've never had a GPS device before and the Garmin is great when you are in a city that is completely new to you. Unfortunately the battery charger doesn't work in the rental car so I am just about out of juice and still have more places to go.

Looked at one potential rental house today up in Edmond (11 miles from downtown). The house itself was a little run down but it wasn't too bad. The price was right and it was in a fairly nice community. Also went to check out another house that had "to good to be true" written all over it from the start and it was. House had been foreclosed and someone (or "jerk" as the sign on the front door read) posted on the internet that it was about 2/3 cheaper than actual price. Oh well. Rental houses were hard to find on-line yesterday however there were quite a few more available tonight, might have something to do with it being the last day of the month. Already have 2 appointments set up for tomorrow.

May have found a vehicle to buy today. Was at the dealership up until it closed tonight and found a GM Envoy Denali that I really liked. It is a 2005 and doesn't have too many miles (31,000). I've never been a fan of SUVs but being in sales it is nice to have a larger vehicle in case you need to deliver an item to a client. I know there were times at Keeney's when I wished I had something bigger so I'm making sure that I am prepared this time around. Told the Salesperson I would be in touch with them tomorrow morning and will close the deal if I can get the price down a little more.

The area is really starting to grow on me. I wasn't sure what to think of it at first but I am enjoying it right now. It doesn't have Seattle's charm or beauty and everything moves much slower but the people I have encountered are friendly and the lack of traffic is nice. The worst thing is just not having my people around me. Seems like I am always bumping into people that I know around Seattle and I don't have that here. I know that I will really miss being around friends and family but also realize that this will enable me to grow and broaden my horizons (did I really just use that term). Best Wishes!!!

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