Friday, October 17, 2008

Taste of Bricktown Is No Bite of Seattle

Is it time for an air matress?? I don't sleep on the floor very well unless I am really tired so getting back to back nights of quality sleep is not easy. I slept in on Wednesday morning because I really needed it but then I couldn't sleep on Wednesday night. At midnight I decided to fool around with some of my new purchases and realized that I needed to cut open the packaging in order to get to my new shower rod. All of my cutting items are in route on a truck (don't ask where the truck is, the tracking info I have says it is scheduled to be in San Bernadino CA later today). Luckily the Wal Mart a few miles away is open 24 hours. Wal Mart is EVERYWHERE down here. Went over to Wal Mart and bought some scissors, knife and a bunch of groceries. Ended up "going to bed" or "laying on the floor with my blanket and pillows" at around 2:30 and finally fell asleep at 4:00.

Yesterday morning was very exciting (sarcasm). Went for a nice 3 mile jog around the new neighborhood and then started making phone calls. I do now have car and renters insurance so that is a good thing. Also managed to change many billing addresses for a few accounts. Was watching the news around lunchtime and saw that there was an event called the "Taste of Bricktown" happening later in the evening so I decided to check it out. Brickdown is the happening place in downtown OKC. Imagine Pioneer Square minus Belltown, Capital Hill and Lower Queen Anne. In other words, Bricktown is it. It is where you go if you want food, drink, live music or any other entertainment downtown. I love food and I hadn't really explored Bricktown yet so I figured my night was set.

Didn't do any homework (keep in mind I still don't have my own computer) so I went to explore the "Taste of Bricktown" without knowing details. I was picturing the "Bite of Seattle" meets "Taste of Edmonds" but I was wrong. Got to the heart of Bricktown and not much was happening. Ran into 2 co-workers and one of them looked it up on his phone and found that it was at the Coca Cola Events Center which is just a few blocks from central Bricktown. Walked over and peeked in and saw that there were a bunch of tables set up and that the cover charge was $65. No wonder the small handful of people I asked on the street had never heard of it. I can get a lot of food and drink for that kind of coin so I quickly ruled out the "Taste of Bricktown". Met up with my friend Jonathan, a co worker who also made the move from Seattle and we decided to go grab dinner and a beer at "Toby Keith's I Love This Bar". Keith is from the area and the bar is one of the better known landmarks around OKC. It was a nice and big place with a couple of bars, large TVs everywhere and a stage for live music. No live music there last night however there was country music being played throughout the bar but it wasn't too obnoxious so we had a good time. Afterward I returned to my apartment and watched a couple of shows that I recorded on my DVR (why did I not get DVR a lot sooner, what a great invention) while relaxing on the floor.

Heading down to the office this afternoon to get some things done and then am hoping to do some furniture shopping. If time permits I might try to catch a high school football game somewhere tonight but the real fun hopefully is tomorrow when I am planning on going to a college football game and possibly a concert afterwards. FYI- expecting sunny weather and temperature in the mid 70s through the next 4 or 5 days. Not bad!!

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I heard there's a good buy on gun racks for SUV's at Wal-Mart.