Monday, October 6, 2008

Arizona, Wrestling at the Key Arena and Moving Preparations

Back in town after a 3 day visit to Arizona to watch the UW lose another football game and to visit my Mom. Kind of knew that the Huskies probably wouldn't win but I still had fun. Went to the UW vs Arizona game in Tucson on Saturday night with 4 friends that I met up with down there. Got back into the Phoenix area Sunday morning and made it a true football weekend by going to Glendale to watch an NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals. Kind of a last minute decision so I went by myslef and still enjoyed it. That stadium is a great place to watch a football game (I guess that is why it hosted the last Super Bowl and College National Championship game). The Cardinals won easily but not everyone left happy as I would guess there were about 10,000 Buffalo fans at the game.

Got into Seattle late this morning and headed to the Key Arena for the WWE event tonight. I'm not much of a fan of wrestling but the arena was needing some volunteers to act as seat fillers so my Dad and I agreed to help. The wrestling match was shown on live national television and our job was to sit in the seats that are seen the most frequently when people get up to go to the concessions or restrooms. This way it constantly looks like all of the seats are full at all times. The crowd was very interesting and it was fun to check out something different.

Time to start getting ready for the move. On Thursday a 28 foot empty trailer is getting dropped off at the house and will be picked up by the moving company and shipped out to OKC next Monday. I am catching a plane next Monday morning to OKC at which time I will officially be a resident.

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