Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Airport Scare

I made it to Oklahoma City!! I arrived yesterday and am staying with my friends/co-workers Todd and Nicole, a couple that also relocated out to OKC with the team. They live in one of the three apartment buildings located in the "skyline" area of downtown. No exaggeration, there is not much in terms of living downtown.

Got a nice scare at the SeaTac Airport yesterday. About 45 minutes before my flight was to take off I lost my wallet. Looked, in the terminal, at the security area, went through my bags 3 or 4 times and thought it was gone. Normally I carry very little money in my wallet but I put my money clip in it when I went through security and brought along more money than I normally do. 20 minutes before the flight was to take off I checked one last time near the seats in the terminal and discovered that it fell out of my khaki shorts back pockets (normally velcroed shut), through the seats and onto the floor. Found it just in time as I was about to cancel my flight and figure out what to do next.

Leaving the apartment shortly to start looking for a place to live. Went to dinner last night with Todd and another co-worker, Marc and on the way back to Todd's place he showed me a few neighborhoods. Time to get out and explore.

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