Thursday, September 25, 2008

What In The World Am I Doing

I've never been a Blogger and never thought I would be. That all changed when I decided to follow the Seattle SuperSonics, a professional baskeball team I have worked for since 1987, to Oklahoma City. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life and figured if I was ever going to try to live in another part of the country, this was my opportunity. Many people move to a new state where they don't know anyone or have anything lined up. I am fortunate in that I get to continue working at a job that I enjoy and with people that I like and work well with. The region is excited to have the team and I can't wait to jump into things.

Is it really September 25th already? The Storm were eliminated from the playoffs on Tuesday night so my 21 year affiliation with the Key Arena/Seattle Center Coliseum came to an end and my final day at Keeney's Office Plus is on Saturday. Time to get ready for Oklahoma City (OKC).

I'm flying down to OKC on Monday to spend a few days looking for a place to live as well as a car. Come home on Thursday for one day before flying down to Arizona for three days to watch the Huskies play in Tucson. Probably not the ideal time for a college football road trip however it had been planned for a while now so why back out now.

Anyway, here is my first entry. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep in touch with family and friends. Stay tuned.............

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