Wednesday, December 31, 2008

White Christmas in Seattle

Got to start out this blog by sending out best wishes to my buddy Greg Wollmuth. Talked to Greg on the phone while I was stranded in the Denver airport and then didn't hear from him again for a few days. Turns out he went outside to shovel some snow, came back in and didn't feel well so his wife took him to the hospital where they discovered he had just suffered a heart attack. GW probably reads my blogs more than anyone so I figured I better include him. He is doing much better and hopefully relaxing in front of the TV today with some college football. Get well my friend!!
New Year's Eve 2008 is really here. I am back in OKC after a great trip back to Seattle for the holidays for what I believe was my second ever "White Christmas". I know we had snow on the ground for Christmas 1990 but I think that might have been it (I'm not counting last year's X-Mas when it snowed for about 10 minutes at noon and left a very thin sheet on the ground). The old neighborhood looked like something out of a Thomas Kincade painting and I loved it!!
Finally got into Seattle on December 23rd and immediately started walking around the backyard and behind my parents yard. There is a creek out back with a wooded area and it is incredible when it snows. Also managed to take some pictures back there with my Mom and Max the family dog. I also put on my boots so that Max and I could explore the neighborhood a little. Later that night I went up the steet to my Uncle's house and played Santa before heading home, changing and then returning as myself for a nice dinner with immediate and extended family.

My Sister and Brother In Law came over to my parents house on Christmas Eve for another great dinner but not before my Dad and I ventured out for some last minute shopping. The snow was still a little bit much for my car so Dad's truck came in handy and the store weren't any too crowded as most didn't want to battle the elements.

Woke up Christmas morning to find 4 new inches of snow. Tried to take Max for a lengthy walk but he wasn't too happy with all of the new snow so I took him for a short one so that he could answer nature's call and then I dropped him off and went out for a larger one. Snow can be a pain in the neck but is great when you are at home without needing to be anywhere. I've never seen that much Christmas snow and loved it. When I returned home I noticed a car stuck in the road 2 houses down from my parents. A teenaged girl had gotten stuck in the road and her car wouldn't move. My dad, a neighbor and I helped tow her car to the end of the road and she had her parents drive over to where we were to help her get the car back home. Definitely not ideal traveling weather and I am hoping that it didn't keep too many families from being together. I have an all new sympathy after my Denver airport experience. Had a great early afternoon Christmas with my parents, sister, bro in law and Nomi my Godmother that flies up from Texas each year. Were joined by Uncle, Aunts, and Cousins later that night. GREAT CHRISTMAS!!
The last two nights of my trip I went out with friends after dinner. On the 26th I met up with 10 people in Lynnwood with mostly old high school friends. On the 27th I went into Seattle where I met up with my sister, brother in law and 5 other friends. I even had a Dick's cheeseburger afterward so I met half of my goal. The other half og my food goal was to get some Spiro's pizza however they were closed for the holidays so my family and I went and had lunch at Pagliaggi's instead. I am a big fan of their's as well but Spiro's is my main pizza. I guess that will have to wait until my next trip.
Heading out to the Ford Center in a few minutes to work tonight's Thunder-Warriors game. Downtown OKC is supposed to be a fun place to watch the New Year roll in so I'm hoping to check it all out after getting off of work.

Hope everyone is doing well and BE SAFE TONIGHT!!

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