Monday, December 22, 2008

LaBron comes to OKC, Christmas Bowling and Friday Night Fun

Seasons Greetings from OKC. Just wrapped up another exciting weekend. Sunday was our only visit this season from LaBron James and the Cavaliers. The Thunder hung tough for a while but came up a little short in the end. It was our last game before Christmas and we got to wear cool blue "Santa" hats. Check me out wearing mine in this picture (can't really tell what kind of a hat it is). Probably won't wear this particular hat when I travel to Seattle.

Saturday we had our Events and Entertainment Christmas party at a local bowling alley. We each bought inexpensive gifts and I am now the proud owner of a Party Time TNT set of streamers, party poppers, confetti, horn blowers and party time crackers. I am going to go crazy with my new toy set on December 31st. Had a blast bowling with a handful of co-workers/friends. Hadn't bowled in over 4 years and it showed as my first game was a 115. I was on fire during my second game and had a 155 through 7 frames but then choked on the 8th and 9th and finished with a 190. I'm not a 190 bowler so I was pretty excited although I really wanted to break 200. Great time though.

Friday night the Thunder got another victory. THAT IS NOT A TYPO, we won our 3rd game of the year by defeating the Toronto Raptors at the Ford Center. After the game is when the fun really began and I hope I don't get anyone in trouble with this next story (hope no one in OKC is reading this). We went out after the game to celebrate one of our co-workers final game. A bunch of us stayed out and closed down one of the downtown establishments and then we walked over to the baseball stadium where one of our co-workers knew a guy that knew a guy (wink wink). About 25 of us ended up going into the stadium where they have the nation's largest man made snow tubing slope set up. Intertubing on fake snow at 2:30 in the morning has never been so much fun. No pictures for that event.

Spent a fair share of time at the Ford Center all week as Thursday night I hung out for a few hours while our entertainment groups went through rehersal for their big halftime show that happened during the Cavs game. Turned out I wasn't needed but I did get to help clean up a storage room and free pizza was provided. I also helped out at an event on Wednesday in which 500 local 7th graders got to come into the arena and take part in interactive games as a reward for having good school attendance.

I did watch a little TV on Saturday and caught the last 10 minutes of the UCONN vs Gonzaga basketball game that took place at the Key Arena. It seemed very surreal to watch that game and not be working. Saw many friends on TV that were working at the scorer's table as well as on the sidelines. Andrew from the Promo Crew exchanged text messages with me during the game and I kept telling him to say hello to different people whenever I would see them in one of the corners on TV. It was fun but also a bit sad. A love that building and it breaks my heart to think of how it won't have too many more days like that one. Great to see a large crowd enjoying an exciting game, even if the home state team did end up losing.

Hope everyone is doing well and that all of my Seattle people are staying safe in that weather. If all goes well, I will be joining you soon.

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