Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dad's Trips to the Memorial and POPS

My Dad's final day in Oklahoma City was yesterday as he flew home last night but not before we did more OKC exploring. On Sunday we went over to the Memorial Museum so that my Dad could see the exhibits that pay tribute to all that were involved in the April 19, 1995 bombing. The museum is free this month on Sundays (usually $10). It was my second trip into the museum (went with my Mom last month as noted in a previous blog) and I might even go back again while it is free as I still don't think I have carefully read every exhibit. The picture on this post is of he survivor tree that was directly across the street from where the bombing took place. It was surrounded by what was then a the parking lot in which almost every car was destroyed yet somehow the tree lived.

Later on that night my Dad and I returned to Bricktown to go on the water taxi down the canal that runs through the area. The trip is a little less than a mile each way and usually costs $7.50 but is free Thursday thru Sunday in the evenings over the holidays. The canal and the surrounding shops do a nice job of putting up holiday lights to make it festive but I'm not sure the trip would have been worth the full price. We did give the tour guide a couple of bucks each and that was about what the trip was worth.
Monday we had a Thunder game and my Dad helped out. We were a little short staffed for the game since it is Finals Week so Dad's help was much appreciated. We even got to watch much of the 2nd half, unfortunately it was another Thunder loss as we were defeated by the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are not having a good season so I really thought this was our chance to get a win but unfortunately it didn't happen even though Kevin Durant scored 41 points and had 10 rebounds. Our current record is 2 wins and 20 losses. No where to go but up.
Yesterday we headed 20 miles east from my apartment to pay a visit to POPS Shops on Route 66. POPS is a fairly new landmark that has a 66 foot tall sign (see picture with my Dad) of a soda pop bottle that has cool LED lights that luminate it at night. This was my first trip and we went there for lunch so I haven't seen the lights yet. POPS is a cafe, shake shop, gift shop, convenience shop and gas station all rolled into one. They carry over 500 different sodas and beverages from all over the world so I did get myself an assorted soda 6 pack: Grape Nehi, Grape Boylan, Grape Crush (old school), Nesbitt's Strawberry, AJ Stephan's Root Beer and Route 66 Root Beer. So far the only one I drank was the Route 66. It was good but nothing special. My Dad made it a point to get his picture taken next to the gas sign as it is now down to $1.45.

Seattle has two new Championships!!! Everyone says these are hard times for Seattle sports but I did notice that two local colleges have won national championships in the last couple of weeks. The UW Women's Cross Country team won the NCAA Championship but more importantly, my Seattle Pacific University Falcons women's soccer team won their first NCAA Division II National Championship the other day!! WAY TO GO FALCONS!! Embrace the titles Seattle.


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