Friday, November 21, 2008

Hornets Tonight, Cold Turkey and Calendar Girls

Big day in OKC for the Thunder!! We play at home tonight and this game is big for a couple of reasons: 1) we are playing the New Oreleans Hornets, the "other" team. 2) We are playing on ESPN.

The Hornets were the team that temporarily relocated here after Hurricane Katrina and many of the people around here still think of them as their team. It really frustrates me as I can't understand why so many like rooting for another team when they now have their own. I know our team is struggling but it is still the hometown team and the Thunder are here to stay. It should be very interesting to see who gets the most cheers tonight.

I believe this is our only home appearance on ESPN this year so it just makes the game that much bigger. We are closing the street off in front of the arena and are planning some fan interactive events out front. The game starts at 8:30 locally which will give the fans extra time to come by and enjoy the environment so we are going all out.

Yesterday was interesting. We are still experiencing sun however a cold front moved in and it was very cold. I went for a run yesterday and the extreme winds made it very cold. In the last afternoon I participated in the Thunder's Thanksgiving dinner distribution over at a local food bank. Many of the players showed up to distribute dinners to over 200 families (the team provided 300 dinners but not everyone showed up) and my responsibility was to greet people at the door as they entered. I know that sounds simple but IT WAS FREEZING. People inside the building were bundling up and many were giving me a bad time because I had the "cold job". I guess my ears were nice and red by the time we were finished. It was very rewarding though and worth a couple hours of being frozen.

Last night I went over to Buffalo Wild Wings as our Dance Team (the Thunder Girls) were unveiling their new calendar. For those of you wondering, I did not buy a calendar. It just seems a little odd to have a calendar of co-workers wearing sexy clothing so I have never owned a dance team calendar. I did want to support the cause though as I know that a few of my co-workers/friends put a lot of time and effort into the calendar as did the girls. Seemed to be a successful event and I think they ended up selling more than they were expecting.

Got to get ready for the big game. Hope all is well and that everyone back in the NW enjoys the Apple Cup. It will be on TV in Oklahoma so I will be watching.

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