Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Work Day and Sunny Weather

Just got back to the office a little while ago after our 5th regular season home game of the year. We played Orlando tonight and the game was almost over before it started. Durant and Wilcox didn't play tonight and we fell behind by something like 20 points in the first quarter.

From a work standpoint, it was the best night of the year so far. I think we are starting to iron out some of our wrinkles and things are coming together. I enjoyed the job tonight and I don't think I have really been able to say that too much up until this point.

The weather continues to be nice. I went for a 7 mile run up at Lake Hefner yesterday afternoon and it was my favorite one yet. The temperature was about 60 and for a change there wasn't any wind. I wish I could take the November weather here and bottle some of it up for Seattle. I would love to run around Greenlake with that kind of sunshine in mid November. Hope the floods aren't hitting too many people back in the NW and I was saddened to read about the kids that crashed into the Green River. I do miss a lot of things about Seattle but the sun has really made this move much easier on me. I think I have seen rain once in the last 3 weeks and it is nice waking up to sunshine.

Found out the other day that my Dad is coming to visit in a few weeks. My Mom was keeping her eyes open for a good deal and found that Southwest had some good early December rates of $88 flights each way. Early December weather can be hit or miss so we will see what kind of weather greets him for his first ever trip to OKC.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, glad to here things are getting better! Miss ya my man, and I miss working for ya. The school year doesnt seem right without you and the Sonics:(