Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Thunder Victory!!!

2 blogs in one weekend!! Just got back to the office after our 2nd home game. Our staff is still a work in progress but things did go much smoother than on Opening Night (not that it would take too much to top that one). My job seems to have changed a little bit since the Sonics days but I am adapting. I am much more of a behind the scenes guy now and hardly even dealing with anything that is related to what is happening on the court. If it works for the department, it works for me.

WE WON TONIGHT!!! Unfortunately for many of my Seattle family and friends, your wish will not come true and the Thunder will not go 0 for 82 this season. This doesn't mean that the folks of OKC should rush out and purchase their playoff tickets just yet. It was nice to see the team get a victory and watch all of the fans celebrating it afterward.

What is happening to my Seattle teams??? My Dad told me tonight that the headline on the Seattle Times sports paper this morning was 114-0 (combined score of what the Huskies and Cougars lost by on Saturday). I guess they can now change the headline to 140-7 after the Seahawks loss today. Luckily for me the internet on my phone was down all day so I just heard about the Hawks about an hour ago.

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GW said...

Watched the Thunder victory on the NBA channel. They had a free preview weekend. And wouldn't you know it but, the game televised was the Thunder-Timberwolves game. So, on top of watching ALL our Washington football teams lose I got to see the old Sonic team in another city. Sheesh! I'm depressed. Well, glad to hear things are running a little smoother at the games. Love reading the blog. Keep 'em going.