Friday, April 17, 2009

New Job and Trip to Kansas

On Monday I accepted a new sales job with a company based in Kansas that has decided to expand into Oklahoma and hired me to be their OKC Rep. I will be selling promotional products as well as full line print jobs to companies and organizations . My business cards are on order so for now I am starting to get organized as I will operate out of my apartment and hope to get things truly rolling shortly (my Mom is in town next week so I probably won't really get started until the following week). This will not affect my position with the Thunder as I have had sales jobs while working for the basketball team for quite a few years.

The company is based out of Great Bend which is a small town located in the middle of Kansas (about 275 miles from me) so I drove up there on Wednesday and spent all day and part of yesterday meeting with my new co-workers, getting software installed onto my computer and going over some of our offered products. They also hired a guy to work in Missouri so they showed both of us the ropes at the same time. Nice people, good trip and lots of driving.

I took my camera with me and thought I would get some pictures however I was fairly busy and didn't think about it until I was on my way home. I did have the camera with me in the front seat and decided to snap some pictures when I had a chance (for the record, I only did it when there weren't any cars too close to me and I snapped quickly. I also didn't look into the eye hole so I wasn't endangering myself or others). Not real exciting pictures but they were midwest freeways so what would you expect. One of the pictures at the end of this blog shows some of the vegetation damage from the fires we experienced last week when there were heavy winds.

I did find a great place to eat on the way home. Had lunch at a really good BBQ place in Wichita called Hog Wild BBQ Pit and highly recommend it to anyone passing through. After I crossed back into Oklahoma I came across a Conoco Gas Station/Dairy Queen combo building. I was too stuffed from my BBQ lunch so I wasn't able to enjoy a delicious DQ burger but I did get some ice cream. At least I know that there is a DQ option for my next trip :-)

Not my most exciting blog. My next one will be better.

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