Monday, April 20, 2009

April 19th- Celebration Time: Final Group Run and End of Season Thunder Promo Crew Gathering

April 19th was a day of a few memorable experiences so I am going to do two posts as my experience at the ceremony for the bombing victims deserves a spot by itself. This post involves happier moments from yesterday.

Started off yesterday by heading over to Lake Hefner for one final 6:30 am group run before next week's OKC Memorial Marathon. This time we ran 8 miles. The temperature was around 50 degrees but the wind made it initally feel like it was closer to 35 when we started. We were fortunate in that it was raining fairly hard when I woke up at 5:30 but had stopped in time for the run. We started our run at the south end of the lake and ran off into a neighborhood that I had never been to. These group runs have become great ways for me to see places around town that I had never been. I would guess that about 150 people showed up for the run and I was even somewhat impressed with my time (don't have many great ways to know exactly how far I am running these days as I usually estimate and don't have an exact gage of how fast I am going). I ran the 8.1 mile course in 68:54 which isn't as fast as I was a couple of years ago but I am weighing around 190 lbs right now which is about 10-15 pounds heavier than I was before. Still much better than when I first moved to OKC, I weighed closer to 200 lbs then and was running even slower. Afterward there was food and beverages laid out on a table in the parking lot at the lake which is always a welcome sight. Thought it was kind of funny that the radio that someone had placed on the table was playing "Running on Empty" by Jackson Browne as I headed to my car. Was kind of feeling that way at that point but will hopefully be running on a full tank next weekend :-)

I did include some pictures that I snapped after completing the run. In the picture of me smiling(not to be confused with the other picture that the guy snapped of me as I was trying to get out of the way of a moving car), I am trying to figure out if the guy behind me is enjoying a sports drink or if some sort of running governing body was conducting a drug test that day. What on earth is in his bottle???

Last night I met up with members of the Thunder Promo Crew for a get together at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. A couple members of the crew mentioned at the end of the season that none of us ever hang out away from work and that it is hard for crew members to get to know each other (Sonics crews had more down time and all hung out together quite a bit in a designated break area at the arena). I probably should have set something up during the season but thought it still might be fun for us to have an end of the year get together. 10 people ( 8 crew members, myself and our Events Manager Todd) showed up last night and we had a good time hanging out away from work for a couple hours. Many of them mentioned that we should do another get together later on this summer. They are a great group of people and as disappointed as I have been with many things this season, there are definitely some positives to build on as we look toward next season.

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