Friday, April 10, 2009

Brian Bosworth, Honoring Wayman Tisdale and Former Sonics Employees Visiting OKC

Final Thunder home game of the season tonight!! It has been a fun and exciting season but I am ready for it to be over. Today is going to be busy as we are shutting off Reno Ave tonight and will have a carnival like atmosphere outside with plenty of things to do for everyone. Should be fun and I should have pictures.

Yesterday I traveled to Independence Kansas for a job interview (time to find a sales position to go along with the basketball gig). Independence is about 200 miles from OKC and I was planning on taking pictures to post on the blog but just didn't see anything worthy of the blog. It was extremely windy in Oklahoma yesterday and there ended up being some bad fires in the area. I had to drive through really thick smoke for about 5 straight minutes and I think I barely made it through as they shut down the freeway shortly afterward.

We had a game on Wednesday night and afterward I went out to grab a beverage with a couple of co workers. Ended up hanging out with former Oklahoma football All American and Seattle Seahawk Brian "The Boz" Bosworth. He lives in the LA area now and it sounds like he goes to a lot of Lakers game as he was providing some solid game presentation ideas to my boss John. He and a handful of us ended up going to a club located directly above the bar we were hanging out in. The thing that struck me about Bosworth was just how down to earth he was. The long blonde hair and football muscles are now gone (not to say he is tiny, you can tell he takes good care of himself and is muscular but he doesn't have the massize bulk that he had back in the day). He seemed like a really nice guy.

The only picture I have for this blog was quickly snapped during a presentation at the game on Wednesday. The Thunder honored Wayman Tisdale for his community service. Tisdale is one of the greatest basketball players in the history of Oklahoma University (2nd pick in the 1985 NBA Draft behind Patrick Ewing). Tisdale had a solid NBA career as a player and last year had part of his right leg amputated due to cancer. He is a very popular figure in OKC and received a nice standing ovation when he was on the court between the 1st and 2nd quarters.

A few Ex Sonics spottings at the arena lately. Wednesday the Spurs were the opponent and one of their Assistant Coaches is Chad Forcier. Chad and I attended SPU at the same time and he started out with the Sonics many years ago as the guy that was in charge of making fresh juice for the players on game nights. George Karl took Chad under his wing and he has been working on benches since (Chad's infamous moment is that he used to work for the Indiana Pacers and was the one with his hand on Ron Artest right before he charged into the crowd in Detroit a few years ago that started a fight with the fans). Last Sunday former Sonics player Sam "Big Smooth" Perkins was in the building for the Indiana Pacers game. Big Smooth is the Vice President of Player Relations for the Pacers now. On Friday my friend and former co worker Giles Dowden was at the game. Giles left his sales position with the Tampa Bay Lightning (hockey) earlier this year and was taking a cross country trip and stopped off in OKC. Antoher friend/co-worker in town a couple of weeks ago was Gentry Davis who was driving from Kansas City to Arizona where she was on her way to start her new position with the Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball). Good to see familiar faces in Oklahoma.

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