Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snow Misses OKC, My Own Earth Hour and No Memphis

I had contemplated doing a number of things exciting last weekend however ended up doing none of them. My big Friday night plan was to head up north about 80 miles to Red Rock, OK to see a rock concert but then heard that we were going to get hit with a bad snow storm and shouldn't risk it.

Apparently April Fools Day came a few days early as the massive snow storm that was guaranteed to hit OKC didn't quite make it. Check out my picture of the incredible Spring snowstorm of 2009 (sarcasm). We were supposed to get hit hard with 4" to 8" of snow Friday night/Saturday morning. The news even had a 100% chance of snowshowers during the 7am Saturday morning hour. I woke up on Saturday morning and the only snow that was on the carport was the thin blanket that had fallen early Friday evening. Perhaps they should say 99% next time as I think of 100% as being a guarantee.

The snow did hit northern Oklahoma. An area about 100 miles northwest of OKC had 25" of snow over a few hours and other communities also got a far amount. It ended up being the 2nd biggest snow storm in Oklahoma state history but missed OKC. I never did hear how much snow Red Rock received. Hopefully it was a bunch so that I don't have to feel as bad about not going to my concert.

Saturday the weather warmed up quickly. I was supposed to meet up with a training group on Saturday morning for a 7 am 12 mile run, however I looked at the hour by hour weather forecast on line and realized that the temperature was going to be 30 degrees at 7 am and up to 60 degrees by noon so I decided to stay in bed longer and went running by myself once it warmed up another 30 degrees.

Saturday night was Earth Hour which isn't something that OKC recognized. I decided to do my part and turned off my TV, computer and all lights from 8:30-9:30. I thought about using that time to go out and get dinner but figured that would be cheating so I stayed around my apartment complex (went for a walk, hung out on my balcony and did some minor reading by candlelight). One of the things I did was mess with my camera. I took this picture of my apartment in the dark and somehow the candles made the exposure look like the place was on fire. Kind of interesting so I included it on the blog.

Almost went to Memphis on Friday morning for a weekend of basketball. One of my co workers was trying to put together a road trip to go watch the NCAA basketball tournament. Friday night Oklahoma played Syracuse followed by Gonzaga playing North Carolina. The winners of those two games played each other Sunday afternoon for the right to go to the Final Four. We thought this would be fun especially since the Zags of Spokane and OU were involved. Tickets were being sold for a reasonable price and my friend had a good source for an inexpensive hotel. I ultimately decided that I wasn't interested enough to drive 475 miles each way and to spend that kind of money. I also was hoping to stick around and enjoy the snow that never happened and was also committed to participating in an on line fantasy baseball draft with my Seattle friends so I didn't make the trip. I don't think I missed much as Oklahoma and North Carolina easily won their Friday games and then the UNC crushed the Sooners on Sunday. Would have been a long way to go to watch 3 blowouts.

I also had thought about going to the Ford Center on Sunday night to watch 2 NCAA basketball games from the women's tournament but decided to stay home and watch them instead. I talked about a big weekend but in the end didn't do much of anything but that was okay.

Yesterday saw more strange weather. Temperature was 77 degrees in the afternoon and not a cloud in the sky. Early evening I looked out my window and saw a large mushroom cloud that started heading in my direction. Within an hour the cloud was a huge dark blanket and for about 15 minutes it rained pretty good. I included a couple of pictures of this as well and you can see the blue skies in the background. Never a dull moment this time of the year regarding the weather.

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