Friday, March 27, 2009

PLU Students Pass Through OKC and Here Comes Spring Snow

(picture of Sonics Promo Crew alum: Blake, Trevor, Jacob, me and Isaac)
Bring on the snow!! The temperature has been in the 60s here lately but a cold front is coming in and they are saying we should expect 4"-8" inches of snow between this afternoon through tomorrow morning. 8" would break the OKC record for most snowfall in the entire month of March. I haven't seen a true snowfall since moving here (light snow fall a couple of times that barely blanketed the ground) so I am somewhat excited.
Got a nice surprise yesterday as my phone rang right as I was about to head out the door for a run. Four of the guys that worked for me on the Sonics Promotions Crew were about to be driving through OKC on their way back to Seattle from Dallas. They were in Norman and heading north so I quickly changed out of my running clothes and drove downtown to meet up with them. They stopped off near the Bricktown Ballpark and we talked for about 10-15 minutes before they were back in the car and on their way for 2000 plus miles of driving. All 4 play football for Pacific Lutheran University so I was sure to wear my PLU football hat and get a picture with them. Another teammate of theirs, Nick was also on the trip so I included a picture of the traveling 5 as well.

I was always fortunate to have great crew members in Seattle over the years and keeping in touch with as many of them as possible means a lot. It was great to see the guys and it really made my day.

Quiet week on the basketball front. We did have a home game against the Lakers on Tuesday which is always exciting as many fans show up early to watch Kobe Bryant. The Lakers looked like potential NBA champs as they jumped out to a big lead early and never looked back. Also had our final season ticket holder party on Wednesday night at the Oklahoma History Center. Always fun to see the fans interacting with the players and watching Robert Swift go head to head with one of them in a game of Guitar Hero. Not sure who won.

I had to include a couple more pictures that I thought were fun. I took these last weekend when Stacie and Jesse were visiting. I guess this is called "kite surfing"? Lake Hefner tends to be very windy, especially on the east side of the lake so it is a popular place on the weekend for people looking to combine wind and water. Some of these surfers were getting about 30 feet of air. Looks exciting but it also looks like a lot of work. We watched one couple putting their equipment away and they were having a heck of a time with all of their cables.

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