Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big 12 Tournament Comes to OKC

I am looking out my window and snow is falling. Hard to believe it hit 80 degrees a few days ago and yet it is 31 degrees right now. Strange weather.

Yesterday I attended the first two games of the Men's Big 12 Championship Tournament at the Ford Center. All 12 colleges that make up the conference qualify for the season ending basketball tournament and this year Oklahoma City is the host for both the men's and women's Championships. The women's tournament is starting today and is taking place right across the street at the Cox Convention Center.

The top 4 seeded teams in the Men's tournament received byes for the 1st Round so I didn't get to see any of the big guns like Kansas, Oklahoma or Missouri. I did however get to see #8 Nebraska vs #9 Baylor followed by #5 Texas vs #12 Colorado. I thought the Nebraska-Baylor game would be good since they finished close to each other in the standings however Baylor pulled away early in the 2nd half and won 65-49. Neither team is very exciting or good for that matter so it was a boring game. The game was played at 11:30 in the morning and I would estimate the crowd was about 2,500 people. Starting today they will probably start seeing near capacity crowds, especially for the game tonight between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Texas beat Colorado 67-56 in the 2nd game and the outcome was never really in doubt there either. 2 mediocore games but I still enjoyed checking it out. I won't be able to go to any of the remaining tournament games. GO SOONERS!!

I headed over to the Cox Convention Center after the two games to check out the Fanfest that was set up. Kind of fun to see people walking around and supporting their schools with various clothing and signs. I even got a chance to run into some of the mascots for the schools and sponsors and of course I included pictures. The lowlight was watching a 2 on 2 basketball game. One team had Boomer, the Oklahoma Sooners mascot and a Chick Fil A Cow playing against Chip, the Colorado Buffaloes mascot and another Chick Fil A Cow. Very sloppy 8 minute game won by Chip's team 6-4 on a late basket.

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GW said...

Noticed the "Battle in Seattle" t-shirt you had on. Nice to see the hometown loyalty shining through at all times. Where is the Cox arena located?