Monday, January 19, 2009

Super Fan picture, Burnt Food, Avoiding Football Scores

Another weekend filled with football and OKC Thunder has come and gone. Friday night the Thunder beat the Pistons 89-79 for our first back to back wins of the season. Unfortunately we weren't able to make it a 3 game winning streak as the Miami Heat came into the Ford Center last night and beat us.

Friday night was also the 3rd appearance for my alter ego, the Thunder Super Fan. This time I took a picture and have included it on the blog. It was kind of fun as the fan response is now pretty good. The first couple of times I did it I received a lot of strange looks as I went to sit down. On Friday many people knew what to expect and the people around me were cheering me on when I started dancing around in their section during the timeout.

After my shift ended Friday I went out to watch a dozen of my co-workers play in a 10:30 pm indoor soccer game. I guess games are scheduled as late as midnight which seems like a strange time to be playing soccer but why not. The indoor facility is right at the entrance of a housing development about 1.5 miles from where I live. The soccer team didn't quite fair as well as the basketball team though as they lost 7-2.

Saturday night a bunch of us went out for a night on the town as we celebrated the arrival of two more Seattleites. My co-workers Sabrina and George both had their spouses move down to OKC this week so we all went out to Bricktown. It was a late night and I was hungry when I got home so I popped a couple of mini paninis into the toaster oven and fell asleep while watching TV. You are supposed to cook them for 15-19 minutes and not the 4.5 hours that I "napped" on the recliner. Burnt panini smell takes a while to exit the appartment.

I tried the impossible while working the Thunder game on Sunday. I set my DVR to record the two NFL Conference Championship games and was going to try to go my entire work shift without hearing the outcomes. I was so close on the Arizona-Philly game as I had manged to avoid the score for a couple of hours when one of my co-workers approached a table where I was eating dinner and announced the final score. The AFC game was a little tougher as I glanced up at our scoreboard and saw a 13-7 halftime score. Made it until the 4th quarter when someone can down a hallway and mentioned the score again but still thought I could enjoy watching the game since I still had not heard a final score. As I was exiting the arena I got off of an elevator and as the door was opening I stared right into a TV to see Steelers coach Mike Tomlin being interviewed with the Lamar Hunt trophy being held up over his shoulder. Oh well.

I still went home and stayed up until 1:00 am watching Arizona advance to their first Super Bowl. It was also a warm night so I was able to keep my back door open for a couple of hours to let the burnt food smell exit the room (smells much better now) I tried to watch the Steelers-Ravens game afterward but fell asleep. This time I made sure there was no food being cooked.

I hate to keep making Seattle fans upset but I am very excited about the Cardinals victory. Phoenix has really become a home away from home over the last 8 years since my Mom has spent so much time down there and I really enjoy my visits. GO CARDINALS!!

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