Friday, January 16, 2009

OU-Texas basketball game, Facebook and The Return of the SuperFan

Went to my first Oklahoma University basketball game on Monday night when the 5th ranked Sooners played the 11th ranked Texas Longhorns!! Two of my Thunder co-workers are the mascots at the OU basketball games (identical horses, Boomer and Sooner) and one of them hooked us up with 15th row seats on across from one of the benches. The Oklahoma arena really blew me away. When you enter the building onto the concourses, you are above the top row of seats and can see the court as you walk around. They did a really nice job of putting the seats right on top of the floor which creates an exciting atmosphere. The Sooners led from the start and won 78-63. Went to the game with JB, Stephen (one of our Thunder drumline guys) and Madison (co-worker from Seattle that is working for our Broadcast Department). I also put a picture on here of one of the mascots as well as some of the cheerleaders. The cheerleader on the far right is Whitney, one of our Promo Crew members who has done an outstanding job for us so far this year.

I also decided to give in and finally signed up for Facebook this week. I already had a couple of invites when I signed up so I had 2 friends right away and within about 5 minutes I had a couple more people send me invites. I immediately started sending out and receiving invites and have already caught up with people. Have exchanged messages with a number of friends I haven't seen for years. I admit it, I should have signed up a long time ago.

The Thunder beat Utah on Wednesday 114-93 for our first win over a team with a winning record (had lost 20 games prior over teams with winning records). During the 4th quarter I was asked to sport my mask, shorts and cowboy hat and grabbed a seat in the stands so that they could put me up on the big screen again as the SuperFan. This time I got out in the aisle and played air guitar during the timeouts to Bob Segar's "Old Time Rock & Roll". Seemed to go well so I'm sure my SuperFan alter ego will be back again soon.

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