Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aerosmith and ZZ Top in Dallas, 2nd Caravan Weekend and JQ's Japanese Steakhouse Birthday Dinner

Another busy July weekend in OKC. Friday night a handful of us went to Musashi's Japanese Steakhouse for my friend Jason's birthday dinner. You did read that correctly, JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE IN OKLAHOMA CITY. Who knew.

It was a very busy weekend for the Thunder Events & Entertainment Department as the caravan was back on the road and the tryouts for the Thunder Girls dance team were also taking place. I know that some of my co-workers barely had time to sleep this past week so I'm sure the dinner was a nice diversion. We did get a group photo with a handful of cameras and I tried to ham it up a little when it was time to use my camera. Unfortunately as you can see, I failed to give the old school two finger bunny ears to my pal Tyler. How do you fail to give someone ears when they are standing right next to you??? We also managed to have some fun with the statues that stand outside the door. Pictures include me as well as my friend/boss John.

Most of the E & E staff was needed at the dance team tryouts on Saturday so they went to the "bullpen" and had me step in to run the caravan on Saturday. I have to laugh a little when I say run the event. I was put in charge but I had some world class people working with me that were much more versed in the entire routine so the supervisor portion was a breeze. The labor work was still a challenge as summer is in full effect. Fortunately it wasn't as hot as last weekend. We all met at the Thunder office at 5:30 am and made our way to our two stops in Weatherford (68 miles from the office) and Cordell (99 miles away). Another long day but I think a great time was had by all. I'm just glad I didn't ride the elevator while at the office on Saturday morning. Unfortunately my friend Sabrina did later on that morning and ended up getting stuck in the elevator for an hour and a half. Sabrina is the Dance Team Choreographer and the timing was bad as it was probably her busiest day of the year with her tryouts going on. Did I mention that she is also pregnant. Fortunately she made it out safely and the tryouts went on. I'm sure she will have a fun story to share with her child someday.

Since I didn't get enough live music at Rocklahoma last week, I headed down to Dallas on Sunday to see Aerosmith and ZZ Top play at the Amphitheater at the Texas State Fairgrounds. My buddy James invited me to this concert last week and I'm glad he did as we had a great time. We met up with a couple of James' friends: Dubs and Jordan, who like James are students at Oklahoma University. Jordan's parents live a few miles from where the concert was held so we arrived early and hung out there for a while. Jordan's parents are great people and his Mom lived in the Seattle area between 1979-1983. Always fun to meet someone down here with a Seattle connection.

I am not a huge fan of Aerosmith and ZZ Top but I do like them and hadn't seen them before so that was exciting but I think I got even more excited to drive by the Cotton Bowl which is located on the fairgrounds. The Cotton Bowl isn't quite the football mecca that it used to be, the actual Cotton Bowl game isn't even played there anymore as the new Dallas Cowboys stadium will now hold the January game, but it is still a historic stadium that has hosted many great college football games (Oklahoma and Texas will continue to play each other there every year) as well as being the home of the Dallas Cowboys up until 1971.

Jordan made a couple of new friends at the concert (his new female friend will get mentioned in the next paragraph). He and I were walking around the venue when some random guy yelled out to him and flexed his bicep. Jordan has this beat up old Blue Oyster Cult t-shirt that he likes to wear at concerts and the guy saw us walking by. Turns out the guy has a Blue Oyster Cult tattoo on his bicep. he got it in the 1970s. When we were walking back to our seat we decided to stop by where the guy was sitting and got a picture of the two Blue Oyster Cult buddies.

The concert was a lot of fun. The amphitheater was a good old venue and the bands both sounded great. The best time might have been during the break between the two bands. Dubs ran into an ex co-worker and invited their group to sit right in front of us. We had general admission seats on a grassy hill. Their group was drinking the entire time and they were characters. One of the women came back with a margarita and Jordan asked her how it was. Instead of telling him, she decided to turn around and lick Jordan's lips so he could have a better taste. Jordan is the youngster of the group at 19 years old and the woman was 35. She was also attending the concert with her husband who conveniently was not sitting with us at the time. She then grabbed James hand and did a palm reading. For the record, we all decided she wasn't even close on the reading. After the show we drove directly back to Oklahoma City which was over 200 miles away. I got home at 3am.

Another story for the blog might be the things I didn't do over the last couple of days. The softball World Cup was in town and I was going to go to the Championship game between the US and Australia. I asked a few people if they wanted to go and all said no. I debated going by myself up until the very last second but in the end decided to watch it from the couch. The US won 3-1. I also almost ended up going to Tobey Keith's I Love This Bar yesterday to watch the finals of the dance team tryouts. I was going to go but found out 30 minutes before the start that the place was already packed. I didn't have a reserved seat and most of my co-workers that were attending were actually working the event so I again decided to stay home. No fun stories or pictures from those events.

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