Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heating Up in OKC, Shaved Ice, Billy Sims BBQ and Yard Dawgz Football

Haven't posted anything on here for 17 days so I figured it was time to blog even if I don't have too much to report. Have to admit that it has been a rather uneventful last couple of weeks however there are some exciting things coming up so the next blogs will be better.

The temperature in OKC has been very hot lately, even by midwest standards for June. Sunny and in the 90s have been common over the last couple of weeks and now we are up around 100. Makes running very interesting. I've been doing longer runs on Sunday mornings as I prepare for my next marathon which means I've been getting out early to avoid the heat. Finished up my run on Sunday at around 8:30 am and the temperature was already up around 85. A few Sundays ago I started running at 6am and couldn't believe how hot and humid it already was. I've been doing a lot of evening running lately but usually wait until the sun starts going down. Ran at 9pm a few days ago and it was still 90 degrees out. It has been hot.

One thing that I've discovered around here are shaved ice stands. The stands are very similar to the latte stands that you see in every parking lot in Seattle. I don't want to sound like a complete idiot, yes I've had shaved ice before, but you don't see stands all over in the Pacific Northwest that are devoted to it (would probably only do decent business for a couple of weeks a year). I've become somewhat addicted and it is the ideal treat during a hot day.

One eating spot I tried last week was Billy Sims BBQ. Sims is a football icon in Oklahoma. He was a running back for the Oklahoma Sooners and won the 1978 Heisman Trophy. Oklahoma doesn't forget you when you win a Heisman. I even ordered the Heisman Sandwich which contained pulled pork, a hot link and topped with a slice of bologna. Sims has a few restaurants in the area. I went to the one in Edmond. The food was good and it was fun to look at all of the football memorabilia on the walls. http://www.billysimsbbq.com/

Saturday night I went to check out my first Oklahoma City arena football game. I went to the Cox Convention Center and watched the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz beat a team from Corpus Christi 95-43. The game wasn't close and quite frankly was kind of boring but it was fun to hang out with some friends. The Yard Dawgz have 4 costumed mascots and a couple of the guys worked with us at the Thunder so one of them came into the stands to say hello. Of course I got a picture. This particular character's name is Deizel and I can't say it is the most attractive costume that I have ever seen. Oh well.

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GW said...

I've had the Shave(d) Ice in Hawaii. Good stuff! As you may know over there they don't use the "d" on the end. It's going to be interesting to see who the Thunder draft. I'll bet everyone there is disappointed Blake Griffin (think that's his name) won't be available.