Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009 College Softball World Series- Huskies Win Opening Game!!

Today was a day that I marked on the calendar a couple of months ago even though I knew nothing was guaranteed. Today was the first day of the College Softball World Series and my favorite "major" college was in town (must say "major" since my alma mater, Seattle Pacific University doesn't play at the Divison I level with the nation's larger institutions). Eight teams converge on OKC every year with the hopes of coming away as the NCAA National Champions and all season long the Washington Huskies were ranked in the top 3 so I knew that they had a chance to make it to OKC. Last week they defeated Georgia Tech to advance to this tournament and I immediately knew where I was spending today.

All 8 teams played their first game of the tournament today and the Huskies were the very first game. The opponent was the Georgia Bulldogs and I am happy to say that the UW came away with a 3-1 victory. I went to the game with my friend and co-worker Nick as well as three ladies that will be involved in a local wedding this weekend. My friend and former Sonics co-worker Pam is now a resident of Norman, Oklahoma and she is getting married on Saturday. Yes, you read that correctly. The girl is getting married in less than 48 hours but she still came out to support her beloved Huskies. She also brought her Mom Melanie and Maid of Honor Lynn, both in town for the wedding. The five of us snuck on over to where the UW family section was located and found open seats right next to them so that we could all cheer in unison. There was an older gentleman (probably around 70 years old) that was occasionally leading all of us in cheers and we were by far the most exciting crowd that I was around today.

Arizona State played Missouri right after our game so some of their fans were also sitting around us. Four ASU female fans sat a few rows in front of us and they all spiked their hair up as high as they could for the occasion. The hair was so impressive that I made it a point to ask for a picture which I've included.

Our tickets were good for both games however Nick and the ladies decided to take off after our big victory but I stayed . There were quite a few empty seats in the stadium so I decided to wander around a bit and sat in a handful of different places. Spent most of the game sitting in the left field bleachers because hardly anyone was out there and I could really stretch out. The sun was out big time today and unfortunately I got way too much of it. I did finally purchase sunscreen during the second game but it was already too late as my arms, legs and tops of my feet are burnt.

Late in the game I ran into a few friends that work at the Ford Center and was invited into the hospitality tent. I was offered a soda and a hamburger which I ate. Had I known I was going to be in the tent, I probably would not have had the hot dog, pizza, Dr. Pepper and shaved ice that I ate over the previous 4 hours. Oh well, sometime you just have to enjoy the moment and worry about the proper food groups some other time.

ASU defeated Missouri 7-3 which means that ASU and UW will now play tomorrow night. It is a double elimination tournament so whichever team losses will not be eliminated but you still don't want to get that loss that puts you one step closer to ending the season. Should be a fun game.

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